Top 10 Best Air Mattresses

Posted by Eleanor on August 22, 2017 in Best Air Mattresses |

When looking for an air mattress to purchase, it’s advisable to consider many factors before making the final judgment and purchasing. These factors include but not least, the type of mattress, thickness, size, ease of use, warranty, air holding capability and price. Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 best air mattresses in the market currently along with their descriptions.

  1. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable mattress.

If you are planning to spend a few nights sleeping in the back of your car, then this is the best choice of an air mattress that provides a good sleep even in an enclosed space. It’s designed to be used in different kinds of vehicles including salon cars, SUVs, sedans and more. The standout feature about this mattress is its air chamber that is designed to fill the gap between the vehicle’s floor and this allows you to comfortably sleep on a larger surface unlike if you tried to sleep on across the car seats.

  1. Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised mattress.

It is a CampRookie Queen sized bed, one of the Intex brand in the market. This bed has a height of over 16 inches, contains an inbuilt pump for easier pumping of the bed that also takes about four minutes to fully inflate the bed. Its top is made of a waterproof material, its top chamber enhances adding a fitted sheet easily and it also has a carry bag for simple storage. The bed has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds that means it can hold two adults comfortably.

  1. Sound Asleep Dream series mattress.

This is a highly rated air mattress specifically designed for guests. It contains 40 internal air coils that improve its support and durability. Pumping the mattress in very easy by just a push of a button and its internal pump does the rest for you in just under four minutes.

  1. Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise mattress.

This brand is the best selling product from Fox Airbeds in the market. It comes with a built-in two way pump and also an external pump for inflation, two pillows and a memory foam to on top of the air chamber. The brand sells in mainly five sizes you can select from twin XL to the large California King size.

  1. The Insta-Bed Raised mattress.

Designed to be the utmost comfortable air mattress. Is typically like any traditional mattress out there but Insta-Bed provides extra great features. Its 18 inches tall for an easier time while getting in and out of it. It has a never-flat pump which silently re-inflates the bed when you are asleep and also has a main pump that will inflate the bed in under four minutes as you get set for bed.

  1. Coleman Air-bed Cot.

It is mostly intended to be used for backpacking and camping. This is enhanced by its ease of use, light weight and a very compact size thus making it a good choice when you intend to take a few nights camping. This choice contains a cot for sleeping off the cold and hard ground. In addition to those features, this brand has a frame that can support unto 600 pounds.

  1. Intex Raised Downy mattress.

Another tall brand of air mattress from Intex that is also 22 inches thick. it has in inbuilt pump that inflates and deflates the mattress. The most outstanding feature about this air mattress is the design of its sides which are to specifically hold the sheets intact while you sleep. Comes with a carry bag for its storage and sells at a very low price.

  1. Wonder Sleep Classic series.

A very expensive brand of air mattress selling at a whopping $100. It has several great features such as an inbuilt fast inflation and deflation pump, several air coils that maintains the firmness of the mattress and also a comfort enhancing flocked top. With its one year warranty, i think this mattress is worth spending that amount.

  1. The Insta-Bed EZ bed.

The Insta-Bed EZ sits on a frame that elevates it a bit off the floor. It’s a Queen size bed which is 11.5 inches thick. Pumping this mattress is easy with the help of its inbuilt pump that takes only four minutes to inflate. Like other Insta-Bed brands, this bed also has a never-flat pump that keeps on inflating the mattress all night long while you sleep comfortably.

  1. The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam.

This brand is one of the tallest air mattresses in the market, with a thickness of 22 inches. This makes it a better choice for those people with a problem getting down to the floor level. It has a waterproof top, an inbuilt pump that inflates it in five minutes, a duffel bag for easier storage and also sells at a very reasonable price.