What Is WordPress?

Posted by Eleanor on May 19, 2017 in CMS, Webiste |

If you are thinking about creating a website, whether it is a business or a personal blog, you will hear about WordPress sooner or later. What is WordPress? It is a content management system (CMS) which allows webmasters to control the content on their website through a user-friendly administration panel. It is a script that runs in the background and makes up the backbone of your site. What makes WordPress so revolutionary, considering that there are many other CMS options out there, is that it is open source and has a strong community of developers built around it.

What does this mean for the average webmaster that may not care about things like PHP and MySQL or the W3C? Well, since WordPress is so popular with developers, there are many options for plugins and widgets, which are tiny scripts you can activate in your admin panel. Plugins add new capabilities to your website, such as preventing spam or showing things in your sidebar, like recent tweets from a Twitter feed. Webmasters will also appreciate the community around WordPress because they always keep the CMS secure. Since so many talented people work on WordPress, they can close any potential vulnerabilities and offer you an update very fast. This is very good news for a website owner.

WordPress is great for managing many different accounts, such as if you want to allow all people at a company to add updates or news to a business site, or if you have a group of writers who post articles to your blog. WordPress takes tasks which used to require a web developer and make them automated and instantaneous. For instance, if you want to add images to your site or even change the design theme, you no longer have to touch a bit of HTML, nor do you have to pay someone to do it for you. You just log in to your admin panel and do it all yourself fast and efficiently thanks to WordPress. 

Just like a web hosting company with good reviews and ratings by its users, wordpress remains to be the most preferred CMS used by a lot of people for the same reason. It is also user-friendly and you can get a lot of feedback from wordpress forums because there are a lot of people using this platform.

Another thing that sets WordPress apart is that it is free, and its dedicated community is there to offer help and support to newcomers, so the learning curve is less stressful. WordPress structures your entire site and runs behind the scenes all day long so you can add and change content on the fly, whenever you feel like it. Today, very few new websites operate without the help of a CMS, and WordPress is easily the most attractive option out there and has been almost from the start.